FES Revit/CAD Specialists

Revit Library Creation

FES is a Revit Content Provider for major Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers. One of the most important tools a Revit designer has is a good Symbol Library. Before you commit to having a library built, ask some consultants whom they would prefer as Content Creators. We are the best!

The appearance of the Revit renderings you see below are what a typical Revit designer can expect from our families. These have not been "gussied up" in 3D Studio Max. These have been rendered using Revit only.
  Sample Cafeteria Line 1 | Line 2 | Line 3    
One of the great features of Revit is the ability to make the symbols dynamic. Below is a list of the videos showing how a designer can configure foodservice equipment by merely checking a box.
- Flight Type Dishmachine | - Refrigerated Service Case | - Back Bar Cooler | - Cook and Hold
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